3 New Designers on Scarlet Sage!

September 28, 2018

3 New Designers on Scarlet Sage!

Are you the kinds that crave beauty and design? Then Scarlet Sage is THE destination for you!

        We aim to introduce and expand the niche industry of contemporary jewelry design in India by curating collections by designers all over the world. With almost twenty one designers to choose from, our range of jewelry is diverse with bold and imaginative designs. Sanjana Bhuwalka, our founder has a natural love and affinity for design having grown up among artists. She delights in discovering designers, artists  and has a great amount of love and respect for the creative process. She hopes to bring her sensibilities in the curation at Scarlet Sage and develop a platform that's easily accessible to design enthusiasts. We recently introduced three unique collections by designers Alexandra Tsoukala from Athens, Floreia from the Philippines and Dominique Denaive from Paris. Here’s a little more about them:




3 New Designers


        Born in Athens, Alexandra Tsoukala’s label “Minimum Design” crafts unique products, from luminaries and light sculptures to jewelry and fashion accessories. She loves working with textile and we are very excited to bring to India her jewelry and wraps. Made from pleated strips coloured on both sides, her products give us a beautiful combination of feeling dramatic and weightless at the same time. Alexandra enjoys working with pleats because she loves the way it catches the light and moves with the motion of the wearer, showcasing the shades of each strand at once.



        Her work is available at the Acropolis and Benaki Museums of Athens, at the Art Institute of Chicago, and at several other museums in Germany, Sweden, Italy, Austria, Switzerland and now at Scarlet Sage as well. She has held three solo exhibitions  and received an excellence award for innovative design at FORM 2008.





           The idea of turning waste into a useful and beautiful product! That is what Floriea is all about. The designers from this label want to ensure that they aren’t adding to fashion ‘consumerism’ and work towards creating responsible and design sustainably. Floreia thrives on embracing the multitude of possibilities that careful & responsible sourcing of raw materials provides.

        They set out to create materials which went on to win the Gold Invention Award in the sustainability category and was named " among the world’s most innovative and eco-sustainable materials” by Material ConneXion.  These patented materials are now used to create Floreia's unique and beautiful jewellery.

       All of their jewellery is made from completely 100% biodegradable elements. We are so happy to be able to bring to India this truly sustainable label!



        As part of a Parisian team of groundbreaking fashion labels known as Le Groupe Des Halles, Dominique Denaive carved out his place as the leading costume jewellery designer of his generation. It did not take long for luxury brands such as Christian Lacroix, Dior, Kenzo, Rochas and Balenciaga to take note. Up until 1999, each of these couturiers  called on his talent to design exclusive resin models for their collections.

       From the very beginning, Dominique Denaive has taken the most original and creative approach to his designs. Denaive’s resin jewellery is the result of an artisanal and entirely manual creative process. He crafts exquisite jewels in resin, blended with gold dust, powdered mother of pearl and pigments to make a precious mineral which he shapes into unique items of jewellery. Dominique Denaive is driven by the twin values of luxury and authenticity. He strives to ensure that his products reflect his own dedication to the very highest quality. His label will always be associated with the best in haute-fantaisie jewellery. The label’s flagship store located in the heart of Tuileries area and caters to an exclusive Parisian and international clientele.



Written by, Solita Deb

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