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Your past purchases (and their points) will show up as long as you use the same email
Shop as you normally would and redeem your points at checkout!

Redeeming your points is easy and can be done against any purchase

Every 1000 points you redeem gets you ₹ 50 off your purchase  


SS Rewards


It is a members only program that gives customers access to offers, gifts, invites, and points per purchase that can be redeemed in the future.

Upon purchase, you can log into your Scarlet Sage account to view the points and offers available to you.

You can log in to your account by using your email address and password, same as the one used while creating your account.

For every rupee spent, you earn 1 point. And for every 100 points in your account, you'll receive a credit value of INR 5.00

Click on redeem and choose the number of points you would like to redeem. This will generate a coupon code. Copy the unique code given to you and use the same at checkout.

Points from all your past purchases will automatically be added to your account (maximum of 2,50,000 points). For this, please ensure you use the same email address you have used for your past purchases.

Please write to us at mail@shopscarletsage.com and we’ll surely help sort this for you.

Redeemed points cannot be returned or reused.