Our collection of western and indo-western silhouettes are carefully crafted from permanently pleated fabrics. Low maintenance, no-iron, super versatile cuts which take you from work to a night out. The best part about pleats is its natural ability of the fabric to fit across various body sizes and body types. These fabrics are non-clingy and create a masking effect thus making it a favourite for plus-size fashion as well as people who enjoy anti-fit, comfort fit clothing. Add ease and functionality to your wardrobe with each outfit be it Dresses, Tops or CoOrds, Pants, Overlays & Jackets. 


Statement Jewellery

A collection of unique pieces from jewellery designers all over the world. The novel materials and sensibility they work with, result in wearable pieces of art. Earrings, statement necklaces and bracelets make up most of the collection. Our pieces are made from a variety of different materials like rope, fabric, matte coated silicon, laser cut wood, buffalo horn, 100% biodegradable forest waste and so much more. We have attempted to add in as much colour as possible in our curation as we love the idea of adding colour to an outfit with jewellery. We also know how important weight is for earrings and we have made an effort to ensure a range of light-weight statement earrings. 

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As you can probably tell by now, we love accessories here at Scarlet Sage. We love simple outfits bought to life by adding interesting and novel accessories. We stock a range of fun and colourful lightweight sunglasses and a range of fun, colourful belts. Belts accentuate and add just that bit of extra drama or bling or finesse to an outfit and form an integral part of dressing up. We curate and populate this collection with both classics and statement pieces. Be it the classic metal belts in  gold and silver or the patent black elastic belt that is compulsory for every wardrobe or a variety of coloured belts to make an outfit unique, your sure to find something that catches your fancy. 

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