About Us

“I must emphasize, no matter how obvious it sounds, that good curating depends upon a bottomless passion and curiosity for looking and questioning; and the desire to communicate that excitement. - Donna De Salvo”

If travel and shopping is therapy, then Scarlet Sage is your destination….At Scarlet sage you will find timeless jewellery curated from across the globe. As a collective we present new and upcoming designers from around the world. Trends are important, but at Scarlet Sage we would like you to build you A collection that last for years to come. From a blend of classic to contemporary jewellery, let us take you through the world of a niche art jewelry as we support artists and designers from across the globe.

Our inspiration stems from many places and people. We absolutely love how architecture and jewellery connect, from geometric structures and ornate details to minimalistic patterns and clean lines! Our broad range of collections from Milan to India offers something for everyone. We are inspired greatly by Iris Apfel, an icon in fashion. “Transformation, punch, individuality: one or all of the above are why you should wear jewellery” and we believe these are words to live by!

About Our #FOUNDER

Sanjana Bhuwalka is a nature lover and arduously campaigns the " natural " lifestyle, encouraging adults and children alike to spend more time amidst greenery. Being an avid reader, she is obsessed with bookshelves and libraries. She grew up surrounded by Art and artists and she has tremendous love and respect for the creative process. With a Bachelor’s degree in business management and a diploma in nutrition, health and physical fitness, she began her career running a fashion clothing studio for three years.

Curation was always in her blood.

Sanjana is also a certified diamond grader and gemologist and moved on to curating diamond jewellery and traditional Indian heritage jewellery for a Jewellery boutique for five years.

Her true passion, however, has always been discovering designers and curating fashion. This is how Scarlet Sage was born. Her unique eye and taste brings you new and interesting collections from all around the world!

Come with us on this journey to find your design, to build a collection that will never go out of style!