About Us

Scarlet Sage represents a timeless juxtaposition that combines the vivid and flamboyant with the classic and sublime. Born from a startling dearth of statement pieces in India, we have since 2017 been creating clothing and jewellery that is unique and unconventional yet endlessly stylish and bold.

Our design ethos seeks to build a haven where colour knows no bounds, art forms that have rarely been seen before are elevated and rejuvenated alongside unmatched craftsmanship and quality that India is still quite unfamiliar with.
We work closely with designers who often draw inspiration from their former professions - ranging from Architecture to Film making – and experiment with different materials to create our signature looks, curated to celebrate one-of-a-kind styles that are breath taking in technique, presentation, patterns, colour, or material.

The stories that these pieces tell extend beyond the designer – sometimes it’s about a material used in way previously unimagined, or a texture as yet unexplored. Our foray into pleats has left us similarly enamoured with its infinite possibilities, its depth of its colour, the fall of the fabric, the promise of new silhouettes… even the way it reflects light!

We don’t intend to ever let go of this child-like wonder and curiosity about pieces of fashion as art, but more importantly, we hope you’ll find your story amongst these stories - your very own fashion collectible that makes a statement like no other.


About the Founders

Sanjana & Ankit Bhuwalka have been in the fashion and retail space for the past 7 years.
Sanjana is passionate about clean-living and is an avid reader who is forever obsessed with bookshelves and libraries. With a keen eye for design and colour thanks to growing up surrounded by art and artists, she has tremendous love and respect for the creative process. She’s also a student of business with an additional diploma in nutrition, health and physical fitness, though she firmly believes that she’s found her true calling. 

Ankit brings his business administration acumen to Scarlet Sage. With over 15 years’ experience owning and running several steel manufacturing units, the lessons learned from managing a core industries business for so many years makes Ankit critical to our challenges of growth and scale.

With a largely women-led team including a creative head and a business head interwoven in our DNA, Scarlet Sage is a pioneer of pleated apparel in India and successfully stocks in over 25 of the best multi-designer boutiques across the country.