About Us

Scarlet Sage : If you were to visualise our brand name, you’d be able to define the style that our brand stands for. An intriguing juxtaposition of styles that bring together the vivid and flamboyant with the classic and sublime. Born of a dearth of statement pieces in India, our brand strives to bring you collections of clothing and jewelry that are unique, uber stylish and unconventional. Our dream is to build a haven  that explores a universe of fashion where colors know no bounds, art forms that have rarely been seen before and a grade of quality that India is still quite unfamiliar with. 

We work with a multitude of designers to make this dream a reality in India. Designers, who in fact, aren’t designers by profession at all. Each with a penchant for creativity, our designers tend to draw inspiration from their original professions (Architecture or film making, for example) to experiment with different materials to create collections of a unique trademark. Our collections are curated to celebrate rare pieces that are breathtaking in either technique, presentation, patterns, colours or material. 

We believe that fashion is art and that our pieces have the power to transform a simple outfit into a remarkable one. We believe that every one of our pieces comes with a story - it could be a designer’s unique journey, a material used in way previously unimagined, a texture previously unexplored. Our recent foray into pleats has left us fascinated with the infinite possibilities it presents us with. We love the depth of its colour, the fall of the fabric, the promise of new silhouettes, the way it reflects light and so much more. In this manner, we’re ever curious about the different manifestations of fashion as art and are dedicated to source more of what we love and what we think you’ve never encountered before. 

We welcome you to explore Scarlet Sage time and again to discover memorable fashion collectibles that will redefine your style and make a statement like none other.

About Our #FOUNDER 

With no formal training in fashion or design, in fact a relative geek with a deep rooted understanding of science and scientific processes, Sanjana never knew she would end up being a curator. 

Sanjana Bhuwalka is a nature lover, arduously campaigns the " natural " lifestyle, is an avid reader, is obsessed with bookshelves and libraries and has an eye for design and colour. She grew up surrounded by Art and artists and she has tremendous love and respect for the creative process. With a Bachelor’s degree in business management and a diploma in nutrition, health and physical fitness, she somehow always landed up running a store or curating for a store thus developing a keen sense of what qualifies as good design. 

Sanjana is also a certified diamond grader and gemologist and moved on to curating diamond jewellery and traditional Indian heritage jewellery for a Jewellery boutique for five years.

Her true passion, she uncovered, is discovering new and unique design. This is how Scarlet Sage was born. It is this universal love for design that results in this unique collective of clothing and jewellery.