About Us

Scarlet Sage is brand of Serene Ventures Pvt Ltd.

Our objective is to the grow the niche industry of contemporary jewellery in India. 

We aim to curate collections from new and upcoming designers all over the globe. We also aim to bring to India established designers for the luxury jewellery market. 

We further aim to develop specially designed and curated collections with Indian artists and talent.

Our aim above all is to maintain fine quality while indulging in a blend of classic, art and contemporary fashion jewellery. Trends are not irrelevant to us, however they are less important as we want our clients to build collections they will wear for years to come. 


Sanjana has a Bachelors degree in Business Management and many years of experience in the retail business. She's run a fashion clothing studio for 3 years, post which she ran a precious jewellery showroom and retail business for 5 years. She's a certified diamond grader and gemologist and holds a diploma in Health, Nutrition and Physical Fitness. She's an avid reader and is obsessed with book shelves and libraries. She arduously campaigns the " natural " lifestyle and encourages adults and children alike to spend more time with nature. She also likes to write about matters she's concerned about. (https://epiphaniesandmore.wordpress.com)

Her true passion however has always been curating fashion. She delights in discovering designers and artists and is often awed by design in its simplicity and its complexity. Having grown up among artists, she has a great love and respect for the creative process. She hopes to reflect her sensibilities in the curation at at Scarlet Sage and develop a platform thats easily accessible to design seekers. She can be reached at sanjana@sereneventures.in