Yayoi by Jevgenija Dorosenko

YAYOI is a bold and extravagant designer jewellery brand based in Latvia. Launched by Jevgenija Dorosenko in 2013, nature, in all its forms and glory, serves as one of the main sources of inspiration. The constantly shifting textures, colors, sounds of the natural world are a constant muse. 

YAYOI necklaces and bracelets are individually handcrafted using high quality materials, semi-precious stones and only the most natural corals and crystals to be found. Be aware! Their unique pieces are for someone who is ready to make an audacious statement and is not afraid to experiment.

Inspired by the Japanese artist’s Yayoi Kusama art and several years of living in different and diverse countries, Jevgenija took the best from the Mediterranean free spirit, the edginess of metropolitan cities, assembled her impressions and expressed it in creating characteristic pieces of jewellery. Each daring step is a defining thread in Yayoi's jewellery designs.