Mishky is a Colombian jewelry brand that was born in 2009, from the creative minds of Tita Navia and Martha Durán. The duo designs creations with a soul inspired by the world today and the challenges facing our planet.

"Misk'i" means sweet in Quechua. Quechua is the native language of the Inca Indians of South America. Its meaning, the sound and the letters of the word have inspired Mishky.

It is a brand passionate about craftsmanship, fashion and quality.

Each piece is made from premium quality glass beads or woven on ancestral looms with materials such as 950 silver, Czech and Japanese crystals (miyuki) and porcelain. For the gold finishes,
 a gold plating of 2 microns on silver is carried out in 0925. These jewels, entirely made by hand, also use a palette of bright colours and materials such as rubber, tin or recycled materials.

Mishky's innovative designs are inspired by nature, harmony, and peace. The Putumayo indigenous people from the Colombian Amazon are the artisans behind the high quality craftsmanship. Mishky work with the Colombian government’s Presidential Agency for Social Action program that incentivizes illegal crop substitution with traditional handicrafts. The brand is well known for supporting women and children by accessing families in need through numerous Foundations. With “Mi mamá para mi” (“My mom for me”), Mishky trains women of low income areas to become expert artisans. Mishky’s mothers working for “Mi mamá para mi” provide an honorable living for their families, instilling in their children the concept of working with dignity and ethics.



Tita lives between Cali and Miami. She worked 14 years in advertising, the last 7 years as COO of DDB Latin America for one of the most prestigious and creative agencies. She had a successful career in advertising and in the fashion industry, which has allowed her to devote herself completely to the design and marketing of jewelry, which has been her passion.


Martha lives in Miami and worked for many years in the advertising industry as creative director of DDB, she is a creative graphic that has been awarded multiple times. Martha studied jewelry design and the combination of her experience as a graphic designer and her knowledge in jewellery has greatly enriched Mishky's designs.

Mishky Scarlet Sage Luxury Jewellery Statement earrings