Giulia Boccafogli

Giulia Boccafogli, born in Bologna, Italy, graduated in architecture in Florence in 2006 with a final thesis in Technology and Design. Since then she has worked as an architect and interior designer but, at the same time, has always pursued her greatest passion : jewelry design and production.

Methodical and willing, she feeds her creativity, refining more and more studies on alternative materials and processes, without ever giving up the artisan craftsmanship which is a crucial part of her creative process.

She uses fine, Italian leather, carefully and personally selected and deriving exclusively from unused stock funds. She regenerates the material which, in this way, has a second life. 

She defines her work as " Unique pieces that seem to come from a submerged imagery, a style in the middle, somewhere between modern decadence - characterised by waves, drapes and soft lines and edgy tribal accents. Shop the collection