Fobe Kostas

Established in 1959, Athens-based Fo.Be are a family enterprise now in its third generation. The brand take inspiration from the Hellenic era, creating contemporary pieces that echo the simplicity of jewellery design in the ancient world.

Fobe has always loved working with metal and gold finishes. The pieces are always elaborately designed and the finished are always an elusive matte gold satin finish. Much inspired by the traditional jewellery from time of Alexander the Great and subsequently the Roman invasion, the ancient yet contemporary aesthetic is very evident. Elaborate design, curved overtures and large earrings dominate her collection. Grecians are known to adorn several pieces of jewellery at a time while keeping their clothing minimal and flowy. Fobe's collections hence always carry the complete spectrum of pieces from Necklaces to Rings and Cuffs and brooches as well.

Made from hand-forged bronze and copper plated in 18-carat gold, certain pieces are embellished with mother of pearl.

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