Sollis Jewellery

SOLLIS jewellery is elegant, bold and sculptural. Designer, Eleanor Ford deftly mixes hand- cut hammered metal, African trade beads and natural stones or sparkling Swarovski crystals with bold coloured cords, effortlessly fusing indigenous influences with a high fashion aesthetic. This juxtaposition of materials combined with Eleanor’s unique technical skills and continued collaborations with artisans bring a fresh perspective and new energy to each collection.

Creating is at the heart of SOLLIS, Eleanor is led by an intuitive approach to making and the learning of new techniques as she goes. The exploration of the relationship between craft and fashion is the ethos that has driven the brand since its inception in 2011.


“I constantly challenge myself to learn new craft techniques. Taking a spark of an idea and a new technique, I often design jewellery in a hands on fashion, allowing a concept to develop through the making process itself.


Inspiration is drawn from travel, global textiles and tribal patterns along with the way in which her jewels are worn and interpreted by the women and men that love the brand. Eleanor has lived and worked across the globe and this layering of influences has become evident in each collection. In fact, layering has become a SOLLIS signature; each piece a beauty in its own right, becomes something completely different altogether when layered. Utterly wearable, adaptable and fun, the flexibility in SOLLIS jewellery (layers) enables a multi-functional and traveling wardrobe that works, wonders. After studying a BA in Jewellery Design followed by an MA in Textiles, Eleanor worked for the widely creative Erickson Beamon in London. From here she designed many collections for Swarovski in Paris and has also worked on design projects for Gorman, Megan Park and Sophie Kyron.

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