Product Care


Pleated clothing is very easy to maintain and requires minimal but correct care to last a lifetime. Here are some guidelines to get the best out of your pleated clothes.

  • Do not dry clean, use a washing machine or tumble dryer.
  • Do not flat iron.
  • Best washed by hand / soak in mild detergent 
  • Flat dry after gently wringing out excess water. 
  • If wrinkled - steam using a hand held steaming iron in the direction of the pleats. 
  • Storage : roll in the direction of pleats and store. We do not recommend hanging on hangers for long periods of time.
  • Pleating is permanent and does not loosen or open on washing. 
  • Stains easily leave pleated garments - just soak in a good gentle stain remover like Vanish and it should get rid of the stain. 
  • Pleated clothes dry quickly and drying under a fast fan should have your garment dry and ready to use in a couple of hours. 


Limit exposure to direct heat and sunlight. Keep all jewelry dry and put on after the use of cosmetic and body products. Water, lotion, fragrances, and any other oil or water based products will increase the likeliness of tarnishing.

Avoid wearing your jewelry at swimming pool, or while exercising or playing sports. Chlorine and related chemicals can severely discolor and damage jewelry as well as loosen stones and settings. Limit contact with rough surfaces and other metals in order to avoid scratches and changes in color.

When cleaning, we recommend you use polishing cloths. Such cloths are non-abrasive and will remove debris with little effort.

When not in use, store jewelry in the protective bag and box received with purchase. Because metals and stones become scratched when coming into contact with one another, we recommend that you store each piece of jewelry separately. Chains should be stored closed and laid flat to avoid the formation of knots.


Avoid exposure to direct sunlight for prolonged periods of time. Keep each jewelry box dry at all times. If your jewelry box does somehow become wet, let it dry at room temperature.

To clean and dust your jewelry box, lightly wipe it with a dry cotton cloth. Hardware can be cleaned with polishing clothes. When cleaning your jewelry box, never use strong detergents or water-based cleaning products.

Do not store your jewelry box in damp, humid or wet places. When not in use or while traveling, store jewelry box in the protective cloth bag received with purchase. Storage in plastic or any other non-porous materials will cause the leather to dry out.