Antura is a young and seductive brand that has chosen to combine the cult of manufacturing tradition with a constant research for new materials and shapes. They keep the lights of their own essence and the colors of Mediterranean enchantment, granting the creation an absolutely innovative and refined jewel.

Antura Women are dynamic woman who always wants to keep their own sensuality, careful in every detail of elegance which assures her a unique style and enhances her fierce and passionate personality, constantly sure of herself.

Antura was born from the creative genius of a young and enterprising couple, a Sicilian boy and a girl from Calabria. They set out to create a brand in which the Mediterranean soul is shaped through a deep experience of beauty.

Antura's Philosophy  : Bigger is better to touch unexpected levels of eccentricity.

Antura's Design Philosophy : Voluptuous Compositions, contrasting volumes, opalescent shades, elements that overlap in a game of three-dimensional geometries, all while remaining lightweight. 

Immaculate Italian design. Shop the collection here