The King Crow Necklace - Grey, Beige & White


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This neckpiece is from the collection Bodega Bay by designer Giulia Boccafogli.

Bodega Bay is a small seaside town located on the north coast of California, about 60 km from San Francisco. In 1963, Alfred Hitchcock chose it as the location for his "The Birds".

The collection has the name of this place and it finds his inspiration just in the plumage of birds.

There are black and beautiful Crows, full of charm and sinuous sensuality, but also unusual Crows, colorful and magic; there are ardent Grifoni, Owls, powerful lords of the night and stubborn Eagles. Over time vibrant Phoenixes, mystical Japanese Crane and Hawks full of strength, have taken shape.

Bodega Bay is sinuous mystery, it is light and fluid passion, plumed velvet to wear.The leather is of Italian origin, is carefully selected to ensure an high quality of the final product but, because the designer thinks that such a precious material must never be wasted, the leathers come exclusively from final stock and from leftovers of previous processing.

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