Essilp Necklace - Vibrant

Alexandra Tsoukala


A simple minimal yet dramatic necklace. 

Made from pleated strips of fabric, coloured on both sides, and weightless these pieces are a pleasure for any jewellery/accessory lover. Alexandra Tsoukala is a Grecian artist who enjoys working with pleats because she loves the way it catches the light and moves with the motion of the wearer, showcasing the shades of each strand at once.

  • Each necklace is comprised of eight thin, pleated fabric strands, giving a wonderful tactile texture
  • Colours: dual-sided - A mix of vibrant colours -Apple green, Aqua, Purple, Orange, Red and Fuchsia.
  • Dimensions: 55.88 x 7.62 x 1.27cm
  • Materials: satin polyester blend, a lightweight, stretchy and durable fabric
  • Care: hand wash with cold water

Delivery 5 - 7 Days 

For any queries, please drop us a mail at

**Model image is for size and length reference only. Colours are as per the the first image and description.

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