Fragments Ring - Medium

Maison 203


Fragments design by ELF (graduate students of NABA Erica Fornara, Laura Scapin and Francesca Piovesan - ELF) draw the entire collection of jewels Fragments born from an interesting research on how to materialize time / space of wearable sculptures. from the result was born a collection of jewels made by nylon sintering 3D printing consists of two pendants, two earrings and a ring, all with very architectural and complex shapes reminiscent of the work of famous superstars like Frank Gehry or Zaha Hadid.

Material: Nylon Hand dyed
Dimensions: width 50 mm

SIZE - Medium - Ø 17mm

The material used is nylon, extremely lightweight but very strong and flexible. The coloring is done by hand-dyeing and some products are then painted and finished by hand. Small variations in hue can therefore not be considered manufacturing defects.

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