5 Curves & vertices Necklace - Golden Roses

Tedi Kersarovsk


A no-fuss accessory to adorn at work or your day out. Minimal character and charming colours make's this a subtle statement accessory to adorn.

Tedi Kesarovsk is a Bulgarian artist and designer who works with wood, metal, concrete and resin. She hand paints each bead and loves working with various moods ranging from vintage pastel charm to bright neons and monochromatic abstracts. We bring you her collection of charming vintage pastels. 

Rose Gold Plated Chain &  Hand Painted Wooden beads

Full Length 92 cms 

 Delivery : 5- 7 Days

For any queries, please get in touch with us at mail@shopscarletsage.com

*Model picture for length and size reference only

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