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3Dimensional Colourblock Sleeveless Top - Mustard Yellow


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An Innovative 3D pleating technique on a light weight fabric.  New colour block fun sleeveless tops in a range of colours. There are a ton of ways to wear these tops to create eccentric ensembles. 

Length -  24 inches 

Size - Fits S to XL easily. 

Colour - Cream, Mustard , Cobalt Blue

Pleated clothing expand to accommodate a variety of body sizes. Due to their texturing they do not cling or accentuate body parts. 

Delivery 5 - 7 Days

For any queries, please drop us a mail at mail@shopscarletsage.com


Wash by hand or place in a net washing bagged machine wash on a gentle and short cycle. 

Wash on cold or room temperature cycle. Do not wash in hot water.

Gently unfold the garments in the direction of the pleats and dry flat, away from sunlight.

To maintain the shape of the pleats, it is recommended that the garments be washed only in water with minimal soap.

Storage : roll in the direction of the pleats and store.

Precautions : Do not tumble dry. Do not steam press  or iron as pleats will not withstand heat. Do not use strong chemical cleaning process. Vanish works just fine on stains.  Gentle hand held steaming can be done with steamer 4 inches away from fabric. 


Sale items can not be returned, exchanged or refunded.

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