81 Gypsies

“Your soul will never go out of fashion, and neither will the jewellery that speaks to it.”

81 Gypsies is a bunch of free spirited designers who travel around the globe and create bold statement accessories. They take inspiration from the places they are in. In the true free spirit, they encourage anyone who wants to lend a hand at making them whether tourist or locals. 

The colour and texture rich pieces have elements sourced from various places during their travels. There are often times a single set of earrings which have elements from 3-4 places. They take inspiration from local traditional crafts and reintroduce them in the context of modern fashion

Each piece in the collection is timeless by its very nature, yet possesses a rich symbolism and striking style and reveals an unique aspect of the wearer's inner soul. 

“The Gypsy Woman embodies the spirit of adventure that sets us each on the road less traveled. Her style is an avenue through which she can experiment and express her passion for travel, culture, and history, and she conforms only to the desires of her own unique nature.” Shop now