September 28, 2018

             Each design has a story behind it and at Scarlet Sage, we absolutely love the connection that architecture and jewellery share! From geometric structures and ornate details to minimalistic patterns and clean lines: it’s no surprise that timeless architecture has sparked the imagination of many contemporary jewellery designers.  The very famous “ Queen of the Curve” Architect Zaha Hadid translated her signature brand of fluid weeping lines and striated metal that characterised her gravity-defying buildings into beautiful pieces of jewellery, conceived along with Danish designer George Jenson.
Jewellery and ArchitectureJewellery and Architecture
         Architecture styles like Art Deco are very similar to one of our, curated labels Chalk jewellery. Malaika, a designer and architect who runs the label and handcrafts every piece, creates interesting bold geometric forms, influenced by architectural elements and colourful cultural patterns. Much the same as Art Deco, which features bold aztec and geometric art, employing new building materials that were manipulated into stepped, radiating styles. These buildings were structured and designed with materials like aluminum, stainless steel, plastics, lacquer and inlaid wood. These designs almost mirror each other. It is fascinating to see how design and patterns can influence each other in such diverse fields.
Jewellery and ArchitectureJewellery and Architecture
         Another one of our favourites, Emma Ware is a London based artist and designer who works with reclaimed materials.Emma Ware’s unique approach to jewellery design is born of a desire to celebrate the human spirit. Inspired by how a piece feels to wear and the curves and angles of the human body, this is adornment that appeals to the senses.
         We see similar patterns in contemporary architecture. Zaha Hadid’s famous Wrangler Soho building among many others, take a fluid form. Almost organic in design with seamless and smooth lines, this particular contemporary style looks stylish and modern paving the way towards the future of the design narrative.
        Christina Bampti, from Athens began her career as an interior designer in 1995 with different architectural firms that built both commercial buildings and private residences. She also worked as an assistant set designer for advertising before she dove into the world of jewellery. That was followed in the summer of 2004 by her own independent business specialised in designing and making hand-made jewellery, which she continues to successfully run today

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