September 08, 2018

Before we first coined the idea of Cult Curators, Aanchal and me were a couple of statement jewellery obsessed junkies. What is statement Jewellery  ? .....more on that in the coming posts.... but what it essentially means is that both Aanchal and me were always on the look out for that one alluring piece of jewellery that tends to grab eye balls and form the centre of one's look. It's that piece which is

   interesting and unusual,

   an eclectic colour combination,

   a new and modern use of material, 

   a unique colour,

   a contemporary setting,

   abnormal it's in appearance yet thrilling in it's entirety.

Unfortunately, we were always hitting dead end's with our explorations.

After a point it began to feel like the same thing over and over again. Once in a while Zara or Promod would lash out with a stunning piece, we would grab it up and revel in the beauty, only to have the novelty melt away when we spotted 10 other people wearing the same piece. Once in a while we would come across an Indian designer handcrafting something unusual but it was always difficult to access unless you were to make your way to a high end designer store or manage to make it to a one day exhibition they may be participating at. 

We would spend hours pinterst-ing and instagram-ing and ogling at the gorgeous designs of  international luxury design houses. The beaded glamour of Oscar De La Renta earrings, the experimental materials and stunning colours of Marni's Jewellery, the fine-ness of Mawi and Alexis Bittar and the absolute haute-ness of Prada's pieces...... and  of course, the unattainable ingenious colours and materials of the Hermes collections. 

We began to understand our obsession with jewellery to be more for an appreciation of design and ingenuity of the creator. As we immersed ourselves more in that world, read about designers and their ideas and creativity, we began to see it more as a form of Art, than just jewellery. To us the process, the idea, the story was much larger and more essential that the fact that it was just jewellery. 

Thats how it started -  the idea that there must be more women like us out there who are looking for the eclectic, the unusual, the story, the designer, and thus was born - Cult Curators. 

We struggled with what to name ourselves ..... It was a close call between The Eclectic Library and Cult Curators.

A year and a 1/2 later, I'm writing this post, and browsing this site ( ) that Aanchal and me have have managed to curate .... it feels like Cult Curators is indeed AN eclectic library of 20 unusual, exemplary international designers.

We love each designer, each one's story and each one's process, each material and each one's aesthetic. We truly appreciate their hard work in handcrafting these pieces with love and care. We love every single piece we bring you and vouch for their quality and finesse.

We hope you will find something or many things in here that you will identify with and end up loving contemporary jewellery as much as we do. We hope to inspire you and encourage your imagination, fuel your sense of fashion and help you to dress up - fun and wild and chic and elegant all at the same time. Happy browsing ! 

Aanchal & Sanjana









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