Upcoming designers & artists in India.

October 03, 2018

Upcoming designers & artists in India.

Art enhances one’s aesthetic sense and creative imagination. It’s a way to transfuse one’s emotions to others. Not just about being visually entertaining, art has played a vital role in protesting against injustice and talking about social taboos in society many times in the history of human civilisation.

India has given rise to many splendid artists, some of whom have been highly praised for their work locally and internationally. Surprisingly some of the most successful and promethean artists from India are women. Here are some of our favourites:

  • Bakula’s beautiful pen and ink illustrations are filled with funny, eccentric and delightful characters. Fish with pirate eye-patches, cats which dine with fish, and snails which pile on top of one another, her artworks are both vintage and contemporary, old and new, timeless and unique.


    One of the important painters in the world of contemporary art, Arpita Singh presents her women with an irony, her paintings are a reflection of the life of ‘real’ women and the emotions that she exchanges with these subjects. Her paintings are in bright appealing hues which often employs traditional Indian forms and aesthetics. Even though the women in Arpita Singh’s paintings and their activities conform to the typical Indian cultural scene, they refrain from being silent.



    Parul Gupta leans towards architectural images. Her minimalist style is showcased beautifully with linear lines and forms on paper. She prefers to speak through her art. Graduated with an MFA from Northern Trent University, she now bases herself out of Noida and continues to showcase her art at exhibits all around the country.



    Set up in 2015 and based out of New Delhi, Studio Metallurgy draws from industrial design, which is synonymous with precision and accuracy, sharp finishes and clean lines. Their head designer Advaeita Mathur takes inspiration from everyday objects and adapts traditional techniques and crafts to create something new and contemporary. “The focal point” Advaeita says  “is understanding the inherent characteristics of different materials and yet amalgamating them, such that the inherent textures are enhanced further and lend themselves to beautiful and functional art pieces.”


    Studio Wood is a collaborative design hub which houses everything from conceptualization to execution of comprehensive spaces. They provide design consultancy services for both residential and commercial projects. Their architect Sahej Bhatia, Interior designer Navya Aggarwal and product designer Vrinda Mathur come up with beautiful design and precise execution.


    The Indian design industry has introduced some revolutionary women designers and at Scarlet Sage, we love admiring and applauding these amazing works of art.


    Written by, Solita Deb


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