Dun Naht Bracelet - Blue & Brown


Size Guide

INR. 2,500.00

This bangle is crafted from buffalo horn and 1/2 enamelled in a royal blue colour.

Bangle Size: 2.5 Inch

Bangle Width - 1.5 Inch

Trouvaille Jewellery is a collection of horn jewellery curated from the indigenous artists of Vietnam.  These fun & chic accessories are crafted using genuine horns of water buffalos. Water Buffalo agriculture is way of life in Vietnam and many ancillary products arise from Buffalo agriculture. One such are the use of their horns to produce beautiful natural home accessories and women's accessories. An old art form in Vietnam, these horns are polished and buffed into beautiful natural hard brown / black / ivory colours pieces and a dash of colour added via enamelling to add some fun and colour. This form of making jewellery gained much popularity in the west with the likes of Hermes and other small accessory designers adding these jewellery pieces to their collections. 

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